Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping

Soft landscaping features make a garden. A R Gardening Services are here to bring you the garden you are dreaming of in and around Hertfordshire.

Soft landscaping - what it is and why it's important

There's a lot which goes into making a nice new garden, but soft landscaping is what makes the bulk in most cases. Soft landscaping is everything that doesn't need to be built. This might make it sound like it's the 'easy' bit, but it's very hard work to ensure that everything is put together properly and laid correctly. If you want to create the right atmosphere, making sure that all of the elements are in balance is very important. This is especially true if you want your garden to have high proportion of plants and other natural looking features.
soft landscaping
We provide full design and installation for soft landscaping features.
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soft landscaping specialists

Soft landscaping features

We are able to design and install all the soft landscaping features you're going to need including flower beds, turf, planted trees, hanging baskets and free-standing potted plants. We want to make sure that your garden has the right feel and so we'll design the entire layout before we get started. Give us a call for all your gardening needs in Hertfordshire.
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